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**Buylists are typically processed within 72 hours of receiving them but can take up to 7-10 business days to process depending on volume of orders we receive.**



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Full Grip Games Buylist FAQ



How do I submit a bulk buylist? 


If you are submitting bulk for sealed products, cash or store credit, head over to our bulk buys page and select the item of your choice. Add the desired product to your buylist cart, and follow the check out procedure like normal. Sealed products listed for bulk trade-ins have a $1.00 price listed, but you don’t have to pay us anything to submit your buylist. This dollar amount is just a placeholder and will be removed at the end of checkout. 

If you are trading in bulk for cash or store credit, the dollar amount listed is our current buy price for that item. You can select your preferred payment method during checkout. When selling bulk commons/uncommons and basic energy cards, you can submit them in increments of 100 or 1,000 cards. All other bulk types are submitted in individual quantities. 

For example, if you wanted to submit 4,500 common/uncommon cards, you would select 4x 1,000 and 5x 100 commons/uncommons as two separate items. If you want to sell 90 rares, you submit 90 as your number of rares in your buylist. 

How do I submit my single card buylist?

If you want to submit individual cards on your buylist, head over to our single card buylist. At the bottom of the page you will find a search bar where you can type in the name or collector number of the card. Select the card that you want to sell and add it to your buylist cart. 

Make sure that the name and collector number of the card you submit matches the card that appears on the screen. If the cards on your buylist are incorrectly submitted, your buylist may take longer to process and changes to your buylist will be made to reflect the cards that we receive. Full Grip Games reserves the right to adjust your buylist as needed. 

If you would like to sell single cards that are not listed on our buylist, please send an email to prior to submitting your buylist. 



Can I submit bulk and single cards on the same buylist?

Yes! You are able to submit bulk and single cards on the same buylist. Make sure to keep the single cards separate from your bulk, and put the single cards in the order they appear on your invoice.




Do I have to sort my buylist? 

Bulk: Please do not sort your bulk! There is no sorting required when submitting a Bulk for Box order. If you are submitting multiple kinds of buylist items (e.g., 4000 common/uncommon bulk, and then 100 reverse holos for store credit or cash), ensure those two categories of bulk are separated, but no further sorting is required.

Singles: Please keep your singles in the order of which they were submitted on your invoice.



How do I condition grade my cards?

Single cards will be verified and graded for condition once they arrive at the store. We will make changes to your buylist as needed once your cards arrive. You can check out our card grading guide for more information on how your cards will be graded. The payment amount of your items may change based on the condition of your cards, and you will receive an automatic email from us once we have graded your cards listing any and all changes to your buylist. 

Once your cards are graded and you are paid out, you cannot make any changes to your buylist. If you have any questions regarding your buylist, email



What cards count as bulk?

We accept near mint, English cards ONLY. World Championship cards, counterfeit cards, jumbo cards, and foreign language cards will not be accepted for your bulk submissions. Bulk containing any of these may be rejected. 

Basic energy cards will not be accepted either, unless submitted as a separate item on your buylist.



I submitted my buylist. Where do I ship it to?

All buylists are to be shipped to the following address:

Full Grip Games

Your Order #

121 E Market St

Akron, OH 44308

Make sure to include your full name and order number on your package. We also encourage that you include a copy of your buylist invoice, including name and order number, with the contents of your package. We cannot pay you out for your buylist if we don’t know who you are!



How do I ship my bulk buylist?

We recommend using a flat rate priority mail box to ship your bulk buylist submission, but any box can be used to send in your buylist. When shipping bulk orders, make sure not to overfill the box you send it in. Ensure your packages are taped up and secure as postal service and shipping companies can damage your packages in transit. Full Grip Games is not responsible for anything that happens to your package before it arrives at the store. 

We recommend filling in any empty space in your package with some kind of packing material (bubble wrap, newspaper, old plastic bags, etc). Loose packaging can lead to cards getting damaged in transit. A good rule of thumb for packaging bulk is that the less room there is for it to move around means it is less likely to get damaged. Do not wrap your cards with rubber bands, and avoid using excessive amounts of tape. This can damage your cards. Damaged bulk may be rejected at our discretion, and your cards will be graded based on the condition they are when they arrive. 

If you are shipping different types of bulk such as rares, reverse holos, and common/uncommon bulk, please keep the different types separated. If your bulk is mixed together, your buylist may be rejected or changed at our discretion. Keeping the types clearly separated makes it easier for us to verify the cards submitted on your buylist and move your buylist through our system. 


Please do not ship your bulk in toploaders, sleeves, binder pages, etc., or your bulk order will be subject to processing fees.




How do I ship my single card buylist?

If you are sending in single cards, make sure that your cards are organized in the order they appear on your invoice and kept separate from any bulk that may also be submitted on your buylist. If the order of your cards does not match your invoice, your buylist may be subject to additional processing time. It takes time for us to sort out your order and verify the contents of your buylist, and based on the volume of submissions we receive each day, your order may be delayed. 

Please refrain from shipping your single cards in sleeves and toploaders. We understand that you want your cards to arrive in good condition, and we do too! Smaller single card orders can be shipped using a bubble mailer. For larger orders, we recommend shipping your cards in a deck box, elite trainer box or other card storage boxes packed tightly with packing material such as newspaper or bubble wrap to help ensure your cards arrive in good condition. 

Your buylist may be set aside and processed at a later time if your cards are sleeved or in toploaders, and your buylist payment may be delayed. Do not ship your buylist in binders. If you do, your buylist will be set aside to be processed at a later time, and may be rejected entirely. 

We also recommend that you get tracking and/or insurance for your submissions for your own records. 



How long does it take for my buylist to be processed?

Once we receive your buylist, it can take 2-7 business days for us to process your buylist depending on the volume of submissions we have received. You will receive an email notification once we have finished processing your buylist.



If your tracking says your product has arrived, it has arrived! We receive a large volume of packages a day and it takes some time to check them all in.


I have a large amount of bulk to send in. Can I send it in multiple packages?

For large orders, you can send in your buylist in multiple boxes if needed. Please include your full name and order number on each package you submit. Also, be sure to add an order note when checking out letting us know that you are sending in multiple packages, and include a copy of your invoice with each package as well. This will help us know to look out for them as they arrive. Your order will be processed once we receive all the packages for your order. 



Do I have to pay for shipping?

You are responsible for covering shipping costs for sending your package(s) to us.

If you are trading in for our Bulk for Box service, we will cover the cost to ship it to you. If you take store credit or cash and purchase items off of our website, you will be responsible for any shipping costs. You can view free shipping order thresholds here.



I shipped my buylist, but I got an email saying that my order was canceled. What happened?

Our system will automatically cancel any buylist that is not marked as received within 14 days of placing the order. Please make sure to promptly send out your buylist submissions to avoid this. If your buylist arrives after 14 days, we may no longer have the requested product available. Also, the buy prices of single cards may change during this time and will be changed to reflect the new prices when we receive your package. If it is postmarked but arrives after 14 days, we will still honor the prices for when you submitted your buylist. 


Full Grip Games reserves the right to cancel any order not received within this time frame. 





If you have any other questions, please email