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**Buylists are typically processed within 72 hours of receiving them but can take up to 7-10 business days to process depending on volume of orders we receive.**



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Full Grip Games - Buylist Frequently Asked Questions



- What cards count as bulk?

Full Grip Games accepts almost all cards that are near mint and English language. Bulk can be from any set and any rarity, and can be Pokémon, trainer, or special energy cards.


Cards that are NOT accepted in bulk:

Basic energy cards (unless selling separately under our bulk basic energy buylist)

World championship cards

Counterfeit or damaged cards

Jumbo cards



- Where do I ship my buylist to?

Full Grip Games Bulk

Order #(your order number here)

121 E Market St

Akron, OH 44308


Please ensure your order number, full name, and/or return address is on your bulk package. If there is no information to identify you or your order, there is no way for us to process your buylist without knowing who it is from.

- I’ve submitted my buylist. What’s the best way to ship my bulk?

Bulk can be heavy! Be careful to secure the cards in your package as safely as possible. The less room the cards have to shift around in transit is better. If you have it available, bubble wrap or leftover plastic grocery bags are great for padding the box. Many people use empty elite trainer boxes and other cardboard boxes to secure cards inside of a larger box. Please avoid using rubber bands directly on cards, and please avoid using packing peanuts. Depending on the quantity of cards, USPS flat rate boxes are a great option for shipping.


DO NOT put tape directly on your cards. This will damage the cards, and damaged bulk orders will be denied by Full Grip Games and the customer will be responsible for return shipping.

When shipping smaller buylist orders with singles, please secure cards in safe packaging like a bubble mailer. If you are sending individual cards in toploaders, please DO NOT tape the top of the toploader.

Full Grip Games is not responsible for cards damaged or lost in transit. We recommend retaining the tracking number of your buylist for your own records.



- How do I condition grade my buylist cards? 

When selling singles, prices will vary depending on card condition. Please refer to our card grading guide. If cards are not graded correctly, the payout amount will be changed. Put the items in the order of your invoice, failure to do so may result in a sorting fee of $25 USD per hour spent sorting your order. This fee will be deducted from your order total.


- It says my buylist was delivered. How long does it take for me to get paid?

Buylists are typically processed and paid via store credit or PayPal within 72 hours of receiving them, but it can take up to 7 business days depending on volume. Checks can take weeks to be received via mail, so we advise to choose another option if you are able to. 

*Pre-order items will ship on release date.



- I shipped my buylist, but I got an email that my order was canceled. What happened?

Don’t fret! Our system automatically will cancel any buylist orders that are not marked as received by 21 days of placing the order just in case of unfulfilled buylists. If we receive your buylist anyway, you will still get paid! However, please note that Full Grip Games has the right to cancel any buylist not received within the time frame.



- How to trade bulk for a booster box:

Once you’re on the buylist page, you can find our selection of bulk for booster box deals by selecting > Pokemon Singles > Pokemon Bulk under the “browse by category” drop down menu at the bottom of the page. When you find the bulk for box deal you want, click “sell” next to it and it will be added to your buylist cart. Ignore the dollar amount next to the bulk for box deal. You will be paid for your bulk with a booster box, not with money! If you select more than one booster box, you will need to send Full Grip Games the amount of bulk specified for each box you have selected.



- Bulk for boxes checkout:

Once you have selected your boxes, you must go to the buylist cart in the top right hand side of the website. Here you will provide your contact information and address so that we can ship you your box(es) after we process the bulk you send us.



- I need to contact someone about my buylist order!

Please email