Ultimate Masters Limited Extravaganza!

Check Out Full Grip's Ultimate Masters Schedule! 

~ Midnight Draft @ 12:01am Friday 12/7 (yes, that's Thursday night folks)
~ Sealed @ 1pm Saturday 12/8
~ Draft @ 5pm Saturday 12/8
~ Draft @ 1pm Sunday 12/9
~ Draft @ 5pm Sunday 12/9
~ Modern @ 11am Sunday 12/16 (TWO CASES of UMA in PrizePool)

Check our Facebook events page out for more details on the events - Happy Friday!!

PreOrder Prices: 290$/box & 1100$/case

Mahone's Tricky Gym

Full Grip Games is now partnered with Mahone's Tricky Gym to provide the best Pokemon TCG content! Check out Mahone's Tricky Gym on YouTube here

Roanoke Regional Championships

Make sure to check out the Full Grip Games booth at the upcoming Roanoke Regional Championships! For more information, check out