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Full Grip Games Buylist Policies & FAQ


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General Full Grip Games Buylist Terms and Conditions: 

By using the buylist service from Full Grip Games, you agree to follow the instructions outlined in the submission email and on this policies page. Failure to do so may result in longer processing times and/or a 10% sorting fee. Full Grip Games is not responsible for your packages before they arrive to our store. Please package your cards safely to prevent damage and keep the tracking number for your reference. Carrier companies can be rough with packages and by sending us a buylist you assume this risk.


Submitting a Bulk Buylist: 

Selling bulk for cash or store credit: the dollar amount listed is our current buy price for that item. You can select your preferred payment method during checkout. When selling bulk Commons/Uncommons and Basic Energy cards, you can submit them in increments of 100 or 1,000 cards. All other bulk types are submitted in individual quantities. 

    • For example, if you wanted to submit 4,500 Common/Uncommon cards, you would select 4x 1,000 and 5x 100 Commons/Uncommons as two separate items. If you want to sell 90 Rares, you would submit 90 as your number of Rares in your buylist. 

Please ensure you have counted correctly and selected the right items. Your buylist will be adjusted accordingly if your package does not match your submission.


Submitting a Singles Buylist:

If you want to submit individual cards on your buylist, head over to our single card buylist. At the bottom of the page, you will find a search bar to search by name or collector number of the card. Select the card that you want to sell and add it to your buylist cart. 

Make sure that the name and collector number of the card you submit matches the card that appears on the screen. If the cards on your buylist are incorrectly submitted, your buylist may take longer to process and changes to your buylist will be made to reflect the cards that we receive. Full Grip Games reserves the right to adjust your buylist accordingly. 


If you would like to sell single cards that are not listed on our buylist, please send an email to prior to submitting your buylist. 



How long does it take for my buylist to be processed?

Once we receive your buylist, it can take 2 to 7 business days for us to process your buylist depending on the volume of submissions we have received. We strive to get buylists processed as quickly as possible, but there can be delays, especially when we receive a large amount of buylists. You will receive email notifications updating you of your buylist submission's progress and completion.

Buylist submissions that do not follow instructions can be subjected to extra delays in processing.



If your tracking says your package has arrived, it has arrived! We receive a large volume of packages a day, and it takes some time for us to check them all in. Please do not call or email the store to ask us if we received your package!


Can I submit bulk and single cards on the same buylist?

Yes! You are able to submit bulk and single cards on the same buylist. Make sure to keep the single cards separate from your bulk, and put the single cards in the order they appear on your invoice.


Do I have to sort my buylist? 

  • Bulk: Please do not sort your bulk! There is no sorting required. If you are submitting multiple kinds of buylist items (e.g., 4,000 Common/Uncommon bulk, and then 100 Reverse Holos for store credit or cash), ensure those two categories of bulk are separated, but no further sorting is required. Failure to separate categories will result in buylist being paid at lowest tier.
  • Singles: Please keep your singles in the order of which they were submitted on your invoice, separate from any bulk cards you may also be submitting. Unsorted singles buylists may be subjected to longer processing times and a 10% processing fee.

How do I condition grade my cards?

Single cards will be verified and graded for condition once they arrive at the store. You can check out our card grading guide for more information on how your cards will be graded. If a card's condition does not match the buylist submission, or the card itself doesn't match the submission, the payout amount will be adjusted accordingly. Please examine your cards carefully and understand the value differences should you misjudge the condition. Conditions can be upgraded or downgraded from the customer's buylist, resulting in an increase or decrease in payout. If your buylist is adjusted, you will receive an email noting the changes.


Buylist Condition Values:

- Lightly Played (LP): 90% of Near Mint buy price

- Moderately Played (MP): 70% of Near Mint buy price

- Heavily Played (HP): 30% of Near Mint buy price

- Damaged (DMG): 10% of Near Mint buy price.

Once your cards are graded and you are paid out, you cannot make any changes to your buylist.


What are the payment options?

We currently offer the following ways to get paid from our buylist:
- PayPal
- Store Credit
- Check via USPS Mail
We do not offer any alternate forms of payment at this time. If you choose store credit, you will get a 30% bonus applied! For cash payments, PayPal is the safest and fastest. Check payments may be subject to potential mail delays from USPS as well as longer processing times.


What cards count as bulk?

We accept near mint, English cards ONLY in bulk submissions. World Championship cards, counterfeit cards, jumbo cards, and foreign language cards will not be accepted for your bulk submissions. Bulk containing any of these may be rejected and adjusted accordingly. 

Basic Energy cards do not count as Common/Uncommon bulk and must be counted separately as bulk Basic Energy.



I submitted my buylist. Where do I ship it to?

All buylists are to be shipped to the following address:

Full Grip Games

Your Order #

121 E Market St

Akron, OH 44308

Make sure to include your full name and order number on your package. We also encourage that you include a copy of your buylist invoice, including name and order number, with the contents of your package. We cannot pay you out for your buylist if we don’t know who you are!



I have a large amount of bulk to send in. Can I send it in multiple packages?

For large orders, you can send in your buylist in multiple boxes if needed. Please include your full name and order number on each package you submit. If you are sending multiple boxes for one buylist order, please include a note in each package that numbers which package it is and how many total packages there are. (e.g., "Box 1 of 3").



Do I have to pay for shipping?

You are responsible for covering shipping costs for sending your buylist to us. If you take store credit or cash and purchase items off of our website, you will be responsible for any shipping costs. You can view free shipping order thresholds here.


I am local or visiting near your store. Can I drop off my buylist submission?

Absolutely! Stop in any time during business hours and give your buylist to an employee. Please make sure to have your information included in or on the package like you would if you were shipping the buylist. Dropped off buylists are still subject to our normal processing times.


I shipped my buylist, but I got an email saying that my order was canceled. What happened?

Our system will automatically cancel any buylist that is not marked as received within 14 days of placing the order. Please make sure to promptly send out your buylist submissions to avoid this.

The buy prices of single cards may change during this time and will be changed to reflect the new prices when we receive your package. If it is postmarked before the shipping threshold but arrives after 14 days, we will still honor the prices for when you submitted your buylist. Full Grip Games reserves the right to cancel any order not received within this time frame.



Packaging and Mailing Tips


Shipping Bulk Safely:

  • While customers may use any service they prefer, Full Grip Games recommends using Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes and USPS for the easiest and most affordable shipping. When shipping bulk orders, make sure not to overfill the box you send it in. Ensure your packages are taped up on all sides and secure as postal service and shipping companies are rough and can damage your packages in transit.
  • We recommend filling in any empty space in your package with some kind of packing material (bubble wrap, newspaper, old plastic bags, etc). Loose packaging leads to cards getting damaged in transit. A good rule of thumb for packaging bulk is that the less room there is for the cards to move around, the less likely it is to get damaged. Packages should be well secured and taped up on all sides. This is a heavy box that will be moving around for days.
  • Do not wrap your cards with rubber bands or put tape on your cards, this will cause damage. In order to secure a lot of cards, wrap them in paper, or into plastic/sandwich/etc bags. Damaged bulk may be rejected at our discretion, or your cards will be graded based on the condition they are in when they arrive. 
  • If you are shipping different types of bulk such as Rares, Reverse Holos, and Common/Uncommon bulk, please keep the different types separated. If your bulk is mixed together, it will all be paid out at the Common/Uncommon rate. Keeping the types clearly separated makes it easier for us to verify the cards submitted on your buylist and move your buylist through our system. 





No one wants their cards to end up like this. Take care when assembling your package!



Shipping Singles Safely:

  • The safest recommended way to submit your single card buylist is to place your cards inside a bubble mailer and then place the bubble mailer inside a small box. Please avoid placing buylist single cards in toploaders unless the buylist is only a few cards. Large orders sent in toploaders may be subject to a 10% processing free.
  • We recommend shipping cards in penny sleeves.
  • Do not ship your buylist in a binder or binder pages.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Full Grip Games buylist, please email