Card Condition Policy

Full Grip Games Card Condition Guide


The Full Grip team prides ourselves on our strict condition grading. Our staff evaluates every card individually by hand. These are our Condition Guidelines that we follow when we are processing cards for our inventory.

- Near Mint (NM)

Cards in Near Mint (NM) condition show minimal wear from shuffling, play, or handling and can have a nearly unmarked surface, crisp corners, and unblemished edges outside of a few slight flaws. A Near Mint card may have slight edge wear or a scratch or three, but overall look nearly unplayed with no major defects. The acceptable range of cards within the Near Mint condition includes both cards with no imperfections and cards with a few slight imperfections. It is "Near" Mint for this reason, and Near Mint cards are not guaranteed to be perfect, and may not be centered perfectly.

- Lightly Played (LP)

Cards in Lightly Played (LP) condition may have minor border or corner wear, scuffs, or scratches. There are no major defents such as grime, creases, bends, or issues with the structural integrity of the card. Noticeable imperfections are okay, but none should be too severe or at too high a volume.

- Moderately Played (MP)

Cards in Moderately Played (MP) condition can have border wear, corner wear, scratching, whitening, scuffing, or in some cases of a card with minimal other issues, a very minor crease. Moderately Played cards will be fine to play in a sleeved deck.

- Heavily Played (HP)

Cards in Heavily Played (HP) condition show a major amount of wear. Cards can have a variety of moderate imperfections such as creasing, whitening, or bends. Heavily Played cards may have major flaws, but will still be playable in a sleeved deck.

- Damaged (DMG)

Damaged cards show wear or imperfections beyond the standards for other conditions. They may have major border wear, corner wear, scratching and scuffing, as well as folds, creases, tears, or other damage that impacts the structural integrity of the card. Damaged cards may also have writing on them. At Full Grip Games, we try to ensure that the majority of our Damaged condition cards are playable in a sleeve, however, there is no guarantee. While some Damaged cards may be dirty, we do not sell cards that have substances such as food, liquids, or other unknown stains on them.

- Foil Cards

Foil cards are graded in the same way as non-foil cards. However, foils, especially reverse holos, are more likely to be downgraded in condition in comparison to their non-foil counterparts. Minor scratches are very common on foils, which is why many of our Reverse Holo cards are listed as Lightly Played. A lot of these scratches are hard to see without looking closely under good lighting. In addition, foil cards are prone to warping and curling. Minor curling will not impact the card's condition, but moderate to severe curling will bring down their grade.