Compete for the title of 2024 Gym Leader Challenge Champion at Full Grip Games!

Compete for the title of 2024 Gym Leader Challenge Champion at Full Grip Games!

Starting in July of 2023, winners of the Full Grip Games Gym Leader Challenge weekly event will be tracked to determine which player wins with the most different types of decks throughout the year! When a player wins an event, they are rewarded with a personalized Trainer Card which is marked with the type they won with and posted on the GLC leader board located in the play area at Full Grip Games. Each time that player wins with a different type, it is marked on their Trainer Card with a badge (sticker). The season will conclude the weekend of July 14th 2024. The player who has won with the most different types at the end of the season will win a booster box of the most recent Pokémon TCG set and a custom Gym Leader Challenge trophy as a sign of their accomplishment. All players will be able to retrieve their Trainer Cards to take them home as a memento of what they accomplished throughout the year at league! Good luck Gym Leaders!

Gym Leader Challenge is a singleton, monotype, non-rule box format with a cardpool of Black & White (2011) and onwards. For full format rules, details, and tips, check out the Gym Leader Challenge website.






The Green Dragon Inn Grand Opening!!

The long awaited opening for Akron's hottest happening spot is here!
Come grab a drink at our full bar or artisan coffee, and play one of our 700+ board games, right upstairs from Full Grip! The Green Dragon Inn is open weekdays from 4pm to 11pm, and weekends 12pm to 12:30am.
To keep up on hours, updates, and events, or to find contact information for booking a private room, follow the Green Dragon Inn's Facebook page!


Thank you to the amazing Full Grip community and customers whose support helped make this dream a reality. Full Grip staff is really excited, and we hope you enjoy!